BMW Iconic umbrella wins Red Dot Award

A unique BMW Lifestyle Accessoire

The umbrella for the BMW Lifestyle Accessoire Collection was made by Doppler in cooperation with the design consultants of Synowaytion. The umbrella was designed as a brand-adequate non-automotive product, that reaches the high expectations of the BMW target group. Now the umbrella was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2017 in the category Product Design.

BMW´s Iconic Umbrella could confince the jury: The umbrellas handle is designed in an elegant shape, offering a perfect grip and is partially wrapped with fine leather to maximize the comfort. A discreet pattern of the well known BMW kidney-shape appears in the jacquard textile of the umbrella roof. The pattern plays with the BMW heritage and creates an iconic value for the product. The umbrella comes with a nice sleeve, matching the textile of the umbrella roof, to protect the umbrella when travelling.