BMW Iconic umbrella wins Red Dot Award

A unique BMW Lifestyle Accessoire

The umbrella for the BMW Lifestyle Accessoire Collection was made by Doppler in cooperation with the design consultants of Synowaytion. The umbrella was designed as a brand-adequate non-automotive product, that reaches the high expectations of the BMW target group. Now the umbrella was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2017 in the category Product Design.

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Integrative innovation

By integrating the three disciplines of design, technology and human creativity, Synowaytion gains comprehensive customer insight and can provide customers with advice and innovation support. Depending on requirements, Synowaytion delivers professional services and service packages from the different disciplines or as a complete package covering all areas of expertise.

Three disciplines

Product innovation requires interdisciplinary work processes. The early combination of different skills enables efficiency in innovations, processes and developments.

(Synergy, Way, Innovation) Integrated innovation – from the idea to the company's success. Founded 2013 by Bernhard Rothbucher, Rudolf Moser and Franz Ranstl.